Curtin University (Curtin) is a large suburban university based in Perth, Western Australia. It is popular with students from many different countries.

48,277 university students

15,205 international students (4th highest in Australia)

Curtin is comfortably the largest university in Perth. The city has a warm, sunny climate and outdoors lifestyle, helping it attract many students from overseas. Curtin offers accessible courses and a big-campus experience.

Curtin Ranking Achievements

Physiotherapy rehabilitation session.


#1 Australian ranking

Curtin is the top ranked university in Australia for physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science is estimated to be the largest. Courses are also highly rated by graduates.

Social work consultation and mediation session.

Social Work

#2 Australian ranking

Curtin is ranked as one of the best universities for social work in Australia.

Graduates from Curtin social work courses have high satisfaction ratings. They also receive high starting salaries.

Globe highlighting Australia and Asia, representing international student travel.

International Students

Top 5 Australian ranking

Curtin is ranked as the top destination in Western Australia for international students.

As well as being the most popular uni, Curtin has a solid general ranking and mid-range tuition fees.