Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Ballarat

The Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university spanning multiple states. It has a Christian orientation but is open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

29,593 students

72% female (equal highest % in Aust)

ACU has a core curriculum, providing a common learning experience for undergraduate students. The core curriculum consists of 5 units that count towards your degree.

  • All students complete (i) Our World: Community and Vulnerability and (ii) Understanding Self and Society: Contemporary Perspectives.
  • Each program area has another 3 specific core units.

ACU Ranking Achievements


Top 3 Australian ranking

ACU is ranked as one of the top universities for teacher education.

It has the largest program.

ACU scores highly for course satisfaction and graduate salaries... LEARN MORE

Physio session.


#1 ranking for Sydney, Brisbane

ACU is the top ranked university for physiotherapy and occupational therapy in Sydney and Brisbane.

The School of Physiotherapy scores highly for course satisfaction and graduate salaries.