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Postgraduate Online Courses for Nurses in Australia

Lerna Courses explores postgraduate courses available online for nurses in Australia, with details on graduate certificates, diplomas, and master’s degrees.

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Each postgraduate course is designed to enhance the skills and qualifications of registered nurses (RNs). Nurses can specialise in areas like acute care, mental health, and nursing education.

The website provides insights into the flexibility of online learning, highlighting how nurses can balance part-time study with full-time work. It also outlines the potential career advancements and salary benefits associated with higher qualifications.


Lerna Courses helps students find the best online courses by analysing career and learning options. The team collaborates with universities to offer smooth and rewarding educational journeys.

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Key Takeaways

  • Flexible online courses allow nurses to study part-time while working full-time.
  • Graduate certificates can be completed in as little as eight months.
  • Advanced qualifications lead to higher earning potential and senior roles.
  • Multiple specialisations are available.
  • Online study supports progression from graduate certificates to master’s degrees.

What is a Postgraduate Nursing Course?

A postgraduate nursing course is an advanced educational program for registered nurses to specialise or enhance their skills. It builds on the foundational knowledge gained during undergraduate studies and practical experience.

Postgraduate programs range from short graduate certificates to more comprehensive graduate diplomas and master’s degrees. They cover various specialisations.

By completing a postgraduate course, nurses can qualify for senior roles. In addition, earning potential rises and they can provide higher-quality care in their chosen specialisation.

Can I Study Nursing Online in Australia?

Yes, online nursing courses in Australia offer a convenient way for registered nurses to advance their careers. Courses such as Masters in Nursing online are designed to be flexible. You can study part-time while maintaining full-time employment.

The programs are entirely online. Nurses from diverse locations, including major cities and regional areas, can participate without the need to relocate. This flexibility supports nurses in achieving higher qualifications and advancing their careers in specialised fields.


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Numerous nursing specialisations available through postgraduate courses.

  • Acute Care: Focuses on rapid assessment and urgent care for severe health conditions.
  • Advanced Nursing: Enhances practical skills for complex clinical environments with an emphasis on person-centred care.
  • Critical Care: Trains nurses for ICU environments, focusing on intensive patient assessments and critical decision-making.
  • Emergency: Develops skills for quick assessment and prioritisation in urgent situations, providing immediate care.
  • Leadership: Develops the ability to manage and lead in healthcare.
  • Mental Health: Specialises in supporting patients with psychological issues through therapeutic techniques.
  • Nursing Education: Prepares nurses to become educators and trainers, focusing on evidence-based teaching methods.
  • Paediatrics: Involves caring for young patients, covering child development and family-centred care.
  • Perioperative: Prepares nurses for surgical settings, managing patient care before, during, and after surgery.

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